Thursday, April 1, 2010

The special practice with Uchimura-sensei/内村先生との特別稽古会

Uchimura-sensei, 2009 All Japan Kendo Champion, visited Shufukai as a part of AUSKF education tour. Uchimura-sensei gave us a seminar. He went over the importance of the basics and how he would practice them. He told us that he always paid attention to his postures and left foot (hikitsuke)while practicing. We practiced suburi while maintaining our posture with wider step by doing hikitsuke . After we put our men on, we practiced basic waza and did kakari-keiko while keeping it in our mind that we kept our postures straight, and same for all waza and do hikitsuke quickly all the time. Although, it was short, but all participants had a chance to practice with Uchimura-sensei. We felt that we were so lucky to have this kind of opportunity. We really appreciated him for coming to our dojo and AUSKF to give us such a great opportunity. After practice, some of us got his autograph and had a great time at the dinner.


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