Saturday, January 21, 2012

The 12th Goyokai Tournament 第12回五葉会剣道大会

The 12 Goyokai tournament was held on October 22 and 23, 2011. This time we had 140 participants and there were hot matches in all divisions.

Especially we had 14 youth participants this year (we had 6 last year) and they competed in individual division (Youth division) and also in a team division. (Boston v.s. New York).

All children were so excited, but audiences were more excited as they were at Boston Red Sox vs. NY Yankees. All kids seemed enjoy their match.


Tournament results:

Jr. Youth: 1. S. Bell, 2. K. Tsuji, 3. Y. Scalia and Nishiura

Sr. Youth: 1. E. Kim, 2. E. Cho, 3. M. Katakura and T. Okada

Youth Team: 1. New York, 2. Boston

Men’s Kyu: 1. J. Son, 2. S. Choi, 3. C. Mercado and R. Ha

Women’s Kyu: 1. F. Chu, 2. S. Kim, 3. U. Kou and H. Chen

Women’s Dan: 1. T. Yoshida, 2. M. Saito, 3. A. Nasu and J. Ariyama

Shodan: 1. J. Wu, 2. C. Dennis, 3. D. Lam and J. Park

2 dan: 1. M. Madison, 2. Y. Byun, 3. C. O’Donnell and C. Bell

3 dan: 1. A. Obeidallah, 2. J. Lee, 3. A. Nasu and J. Yun

4 dan and above: 1. S. Kamata, 2. N. Kasai, 3. Y. Miura and T. Hoang

Team: 1. Ontario A, 2. GSK A, 3. Shufukai A and Kenshinkai A





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