Friday, July 27, 2012

University of Waterloo Kendo Club 25th Anniversary Tournament/ウォタール大学剣道部25周年記念大会

The University of Waterloo (Ontario, Canada) hosted their 25th Anniversary Kendo Tournament on July 14, 2012.  One of our members (Tim) graduated from this college and he is one of alumni of this Kendo Club.  Therefore, Tim and four of our members (Phillip, Craig, Andy and Ogi) went to participate in this tournament to celebrate their 25th anniversary.  There are many alumni who are former/current member of Canadian National Team.  There were more than 150 participants who competed in the Mudan/Shodan division, 2.3-dan division, Women’s division, 4-dan and up division and Team division.  Please see the whole results of the tournament from here.   From Shufukai, Toshihiro Ogimura won the first place in 4-dan and up division. 
After the tournament, there was a party to celebrate their 25th anniversary further.
We were drinking until 2 a.m. at the restaurant and then 5 a.m. at the hotel room.  We had a great time to interact with many Canadian kendo people, senseis and friends.
Congratulations to UW Kendo Club and Ariga-sensei who is a founder of the kendo club for the 25th Anniversary!!


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