Friday, July 6, 2012

5 dojos’ joint practice/5道場による合同稽古

On June 30, we had a joint practice at NY Shinbukan.  Participated dojos are NY Shinbukan, NY Kenshinkai, Garden State Kendo Alliance, Boston Kendo Kyokai and Shufukai.  Also a few friends from NYC Kendo club joined us.
This practice was planed and held to simply have a fun with friend dojos.  The members of those dojos often visit each other and practice together, therefore, it was also to strengthen our friendship and also to improve our kendo together, but most importantly, to get together with friends who love kendo and want to enjoy practice!  Although we are visiting each other quite often, due to the distance (especially between NY and Boston), it is very rare to have an official joint practice and that majority of each dojo’s members participate in.
We had almost 50 participants.  We did basic practice, shiai-keiko and then ji-keiko from 2:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
All participants seemed enjoyed practice.  All senseis seemed tired as they did ji-keiko for one hour by being motodachi and also doing mawari-keiko among each other at the end, but all of them were smiling and really enjoyed the practice.
Off course, the dinner party after that was fun with a lot of KANPAI!
Thank you very much for Suyama-sensei and NY Shinbukan to host this event and let us use the dojo.
Please see some pictures from here.


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